This Site Is Dedicated to Helping You Use Minnesota's
Consumer Directed Community Supports Service Option.
If you are on the CADI, CAC, EW, TBI, MRRC waivers or AC program in Minnesota, and live independently in your community there is a great new option that will offer you more control over your life.

The CDCS service option lets YOU decide what help you need, how and when  your care is provided and who provides it.  YOU can take back control of your life.

You will have a maximum budget and will choose from things like getting help shoveling snow,  bathing, dressing, meals, laundry, house cleaning, yard work, rides places, things that make it easier for you to do things by yourself.  You might also be able to make changes to your house like widening doorways, changing flooring so you can move about easier, or add devices that will help you to be more independent.

The most important thing is that you decide what it will take for you to continue to live in your home and community.  You can hire your grandchild, your neighbor, which ever  providers you like. You are the boss.